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Dear Mr. Postman,

I know that you like dollies, and especially dollie dresses and shoes. You and your friends have had my parcel tucked away for over a month now, probably fawning over that charming lace and those frills. I don’t mind, please enjoy yourself. However, the dollie that this stuff was meant for is on its way to me now.

Dear Mr. Postman, could I please, please, PLEASE, FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY have my things back, all of them? By the end of this week, maybe?

Thank you <3

At Sunset 3 on Flickr.

At Sunset 3 on Flickr.

Bouvier des flandres. One of our family’s pets.

I was absolutely sure I posted these here before.

Rheia used to be the Snow queen (well, technically, she still is, it’s just that she doesn’t go around freezing people to death anymore). Now she’s an astronomer and a hobbyist gardener.

Dolly stuff

I’m mostly silent here and prefer to simply post photos, but I thought I’d share some website links where you can buy beautiful dolly clothes. Now, I have only girl dolls, SD and YoSD, so I mainly look for those sizes. Also, these are just a few companies that I personally like.

If you need more information, you can also send me an ask (about photography, BJDs in general, or the topic at hand).

Companies that I have bought from (or whose products I have seen in person) are marked with a * after the number.

1*. Amors doll. Website: Etsy Shop:

I bought from their official site. Very cute and high quality clothes (Note: they use Velcro instead of zippers, but it’s really thin and doesn’t really show).

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*She’s a sheep btw ^___^;*

My little deer

My little deer