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Dungeon Master


Speaking of, I’ve never done anything but story and a failed Aether path attempt in Twilight Arbor. I really need to work up the nerve to ask some nice guildy/pug to talk me through that dungeon.

Are you EU or NA? ) If EU, which dungeons are you interested in, apart from Aether? ^__^

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And another shot of my super model dog )

Cherry blossoms. Beginning of May

April photo.

Sometimes, just sometimes…

Dear Mr. Postman,

I know that you like dollies, and especially dollie dresses and shoes. You and your friends have had my parcel tucked away for over a month now, probably fawning over that charming lace and those frills. I don’t mind, please enjoy yourself. However, the dollie that this stuff was meant for is on its way to me now.

Dear Mr. Postman, could I please, please, PLEASE, FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY have my things back, all of them? By the end of this week, maybe?

Thank you <3

At Sunset 3 on Flickr.

At Sunset 3 on Flickr.

Bouvier des flandres. One of our family’s pets.